Saturday, September 15, 2012

Classroom Haptics

So what are haptics and what do they have to do with learning?  "Haptics refers to the sense of touch. It is a form of nonverbal communication."  Many people, specifically those that are kinesthetic learners learn through discovering - using their body or by doing and manipulating things with their hands.  In Montessori schools one of the ways that they teach children is through doing and working with what are referred to as manipulatives.  With technology growing so fast it was only time before the education community started to use it more with the children, in and out of the classroom.  This product takes things a step further and takes a simple tablet type computer and introduces a much more education friendly design that easily transforms into a laptop and can go from the classroom to home.  The cool thing about using technology with educational haptics is that kids love it and will use it.  At the architecture firm I work at we just finished construction on a middle school where all the students receive a tablet to use and take home!  The tablet has their textbooks on it and lets them access all the resources that the internet has to offer for learning...more on that later.

One other thing I liked about this product website is that it showed the design process which I'm always excited to see, I love to see how designers arrived at the solution they did.

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