Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Obsolete Classrooms

 So, I ran across an article that discusses obsolete school features that are still being built.  One of the features discussed was "teacher centered classrooms".  In today's world we continue to build traditional classrooms and simply replace the chalk board or white board with a smart board and call our schools "advanced".  While a smart board is a good first step classrooms need to be about learning, not teaching.  What I mean by that is that the classroom needs to be centered around how children learn.  They learn in many different ways from independent research to group projects to mentor based learning.  Flexible learning environments will replace the outdated classroom in all the truly advanced schools.

Below is an image of Colonel Smith Middle School which has Flexible Learning Stations that replace the traditional classroom.  The furniture is all moveable and can be arranged to accommodate the appropriate learning approach.
Flexible Learning Station

The article discussed:

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  1. Amazing perspective! Thank you for posting! The majority style of learning is visual and kinesthetic and not auditory. Classrooms are so much more effective when they incorporate that research into their classroom design.