Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Youth Factory

I love thinking about how kids learn and we seem to always think about classrooms and interior learning environments.  Think back to when you were a kid and playing on the playground or at the park, did you learn things there that you couldn't learn in a classroom?  I believe that the outdoor environments can be designed in a way that encourage interaction, cooperation and relaxation.  Architects sometimes take so much time and energy to design the interior environments of schools and public places of learning they neglect the outdoor environments.

I recently found an amazing outdoor space that is just a great outdoor environment that stimulates children to engage one another and creates spaces where more interaction can take place.  What's really cool about this space is that it is called a "Youth Factory".  We think of a factory where widgets get made and it is a really sterile environment, but "youth" really changes the connotation of the idea of a factory.  These spaces are where kids are made!  Check out the full website of the space, it really is an amazing space:


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